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You are now connecting to our online Portal that manages your equipment inspections records and your employee training of Fall Arrest Systems.  Here at Total Fall Protection we take great pride in  the accuracy, storing, and maintaining your equipment inspection records/certificates and training certificates.

Fall Arrest is our business and we do it well.  We concentrate on Inspections, Training, Consulting Services and Installations of Fall Arrest Systems.  Total Fall Protection maintains our client's Training and Inspection records.  Our clients are assigned a "Username" and a "Password" which enables you to access your records, via our website, whenever you deem necessary.

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What can you expect?

As a TFP client, you can expect to have access to all your equipment and training records at ANY time. Whether you are in your office and need to print an equipment certificate or hundreds of miles away and you need access to a training certificate record, your information is at your fingertips - 24/hrs per day.

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About the program

Our baseline inspection protocol has been developed to cover different aspects of personal fall arrest systems included but not limited to:

  • Cuts
  • Cracks
  • Tears and abrasions
  • Undue stretching
  • Overall deterioration
  • Mildew
  • Operational defects
  • Heat
  • Acid or other corrosion
  • Defective snap hooks and springs
  • Distorted snap hooks and rings
  • Manufacturing defects


Total Fall Protection’s inspection program includes:

  • Equipment evaluation
  • Individual equipment inspection report
  • Posted compliance record of passed equipment
  • Posted compliance record of failed equipment
  • Posted compliance record of failed and destroyed equipment (requested)
  • Certificates available 24/7
  • Automatic equipment inspection anniversary reminder

Your trusted partner

We supply only highly skilled personnel to deliver on time measurable results, exceptional application skills and superior product knowledge.

By working together we are able to design a total fall protection program that supplies pertinent information, equipment accountability, systems training and education thus substantially reducing your overall risk.

Total Fall Protection requires our employees to constantly challenge the static envelop that our industry has become so accustomed to. Our constant training, product development and industry involvement has allowed Total Fall Protection to become the leader in fall protection programming.